X Motor Racing

X Motor Racing 1.23

Super serious driving simulator


  • Realistic race tracks
  • Attractive car models


  • Handling is far too twitchy
  • No competition
  • Terrible sound

Not bad

X Motor Racing is an independently developed simulator that features real world tracks such as Donington Circuit, and unlicensed copies of real world cars with altered names.

First impressions of X Motor Racing are good. The car models are realistic, and the environments look clean, but detailed enough. This demo features one car and three tracks to try.
The game features no competition, just practicing lap times.
Doing so would not be so bad, but the realistic physics of X Motor Racing render driving - at least using the keyboard - horribly fiddly.
Even with an automatic transmission, it's a huge challenge to get round a road track without multiple spins, and the off-road tracks are really awful.
The sound is very average, with the sand-trap effects being particularly bad. There is no modeled damage on cars after collisions
The physics in X Motor Racing are customizable, but you'll need a lot of patience or expertise to really enjoy changing those parameters.
This is a simulator in the purest sense, and only for die-hard realism fans - although anyone who has driven a real car won't find this a very similar experience.


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